Cops 'n Crooks Club

Time to Ghost!


Cops 'n Crooks Tutorial

Everyone is welcome to play with us! You don't need to become a member in advance. But we do want to work as a team and so it's necessary people can communicate when they play with us. You can use the chat or speak with a microphone. If you want to know more on how we play the game, here is a tutorial for new players.


Tutorial part I

The first tutorial shows how to play the game as the boss.

1) Don't go for the getaway yourself

2) Communicate and let your crooks do the dirty work for you 


Tutorial part II

The first round of this match shows all the main roles a Crook should be looking to do in the game.

1) Defend the Boss from the first wave of             Cops attacking at the start.
2) Get the Boss a helicopter.
3) Secure the getaway vehicle.


Map with all Getaway Possibilities (2.2 version)

Getaway spawning location depends on the spawning location of Crook's team.
On the map you see every spawning locations of the Crook's team, marked by Crosshair symbols.

With every spawn you can see where the possible Getawayvehicle will spawn. 

Sometimes there is just one possibility, sometimes there are multiple possibilities of getaway locations. 

You can tell what type of vehicle the getaway is depending on the icon on the map.

We play a custom map with different getaway locations compared to the stock Cops 'n Crooks. 

New maps always in development. Keep an eye on this site for the newest map.

Score Guide:
When to kill boss in second round as a cop?

Main rule here is that you get: 
$100 for killing the boss and 
$1000 for winning the round 

So you need to be less than $1100 behind in score, 
otherwise you will lose. 

The video will give a demonstration of this CnC math!

(The cops lose in this game because they kill the boss too soon)


Final remarks

The most important thing is communicating! 

Listen to more experienced players 

and if you don't know something: Ask someone!
(Preferably ask a teammate using U for teamchat)

If you want more advanced details about how to play Cops 'n Crooks the right way with us,

then don't forget to check out the Rules & Etiquette section of this website!