Cops 'n Crooks Club

Time to Ghost!


CnC Club Rules  

Written by Jimbatron 

rephrased by Jimbatron, Spino and Foreign

These are the main rules, as voted for by members between 2010-12 and all passed with a majority. 

Note there are grey areas not officially covered by any rules that were voted for, but are discussed below in Etiquette.

Rule 1

Don't destroy the getaway vehicle

This includes any indirect method such as shooting the helicopter pilot once it is in the air.
- Exception 1a

The getaway vehicle may be destroyed if the Boss is getting into or already in the getaway vehicle, e.g. blowing it up with explosives or flipping the boat with a helicopter.

Rule 2

Cops do not move the getaway vehicle
- Exception 2a

If a noob moves the getaway (or a regular by accident), the crooks may ask the cops to return it to the original spot. A 'Time-out' should be called; Both teams disengage until the getaway vehicle has been returned.
- Exception 2b.

In rare events where the getaway helicopter is set on fire, which would cause the game to end, a cop is allowed attempt to fly it to a health pack. Again a 'Time-out' should be called and all players need to be informed on what the cop is doing. 

Rule 3

No spawn killing Crooks who only have a pistol
- Exception 3a

If the crook is attacking you

- Exception 3b

If the crook is to close and moving towards the getaway

- Exception 3c

If the cops are trying to kill the Boss and crooks re-spawn within the same line of sight as him they may be killed. This is most likely to happen at the start of the game with a close cop-spawn, but often they will attack with a pistol, making them a valid target anyway.

Rule 4 

The Boss always has first choice in weapons and cars

Sometimes he may prefer other crooks to take them but the Boss may always commandeer any vehicle or weapon pickup from his team.

Rule 5

Cops don't block the getaway 

You mustn't place a vehicle next to the getaway where a secondary explosion could cause the getaway vehicle to be destroyed. Furthermore you are not allowed to block the exits, which getaway boats have to use (e.g. at the boathouse) with a Tuga or any kind of other boat. 

Rule 6

Tactical suicide is banned

This is defined as any circumstance where the Boss acts with disregard to his safety, when his death would results in his team winning.

Common sense is required here, but obvious examples include:

• Going straight to the getaway vehicle in the knowledge that being shot by a sniper would cause the other team to lose.

• Attacking other cops when your death would still result in your team winning. This includes blading cops with a helicopter. 

• Using himself as a human shield, e.g. to block a sniper’s line of sight to the getaway in a helicopter. This includes hanging around groups of crooks or close to the getaway.

• Literal suicide (e.g. blowing himself up).

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is never tactical suicide if the Boss dying causes his own team to lose the game!

- Exception 6a

Sometimes even though they would lose the game the cops still try to kill the boss, either because they are noobs or regulars who have given up hope of overturning the score. The boss should attempt to flee, but if they pursue he is obviously allowed to fight back. This may especially be the case if the getaway has been secured and moved, but as the Boss switches there is an incoming boat or helicopter - in that case the cops will have lost all hope of overturning the score and can only aim to prevent the escape.

Rule 7

Glitches are by banned by default

these glitches are specifically banned:

- Glitching to put you characters fire by going to the home screen.

- Glitching under the map or into objects areas where the player can shoot out from, but not be shot back.

- Rapid spinning of the helicopter before and after takeoff.

- The rapid-fire-glitch with a sniper.

- Exception 6a

Using cars that have a bulletproof back window is not forbidden.

- Exception 6b

Using the corner glitch, which gives you an advantage, approaching a left corner, is not forbidden.

Rule 8

Trainers, spawning weapons, vehicles, god mode etc are obviously banned

Consequences for breaking the rules

There has been no definitive guides for action if rules are broken. If it is believed to be accidental it is often allowed to slide. Especially if a regular player of good standing commits the offence, the general rule is that they are given the benefit of the doubt. Only in circumstances where there has been a brazenly deliberate violation of the rules (one where it has decided the outcome of a long match) have I seen people comfortable with a regular being kicked. The host is encouraged to go with the feeling of the majority of the players in the server.

The logic behind the rules

The common factor is about preserving the main feature of the game - the Boss escaping. This should be hard but not impossible. Rule 1 and 2 were therefore fairly obvious. Rule 3 is there because in some places cops could farm re-spawning crooks with an M4 to the point where the escape bonus becomes insignificant. Rule 6 is important, because otherwise you could end up in a situation where the best way to win was for the boss in each round to try to die as quickly as possible! When regulars voted against the helispin in rule 7, the logic here was that it would make it too easy to escape if the getaway was a helicopter. This would hand defeat automatically to the team that drew a boat as their spawn. 


CnC Club Etiquette


These are not rules in the sense we never had a vote on them (often because the cover areas that are too grey to put a definitive rule in place). Nevertheless there are certain types of play and behaviour generally frowned upon.

Boss player etiquette

Tactical suicide in round 2 is clearly defined in rule 6 where the crooks are more than $1,000 in front and the Boss repeatedly engages in fighting. It is less clear cut as to what happens in round 1. Sometimes dying as boss in round 1 could give a tactical advantage if the crook score is in the lead or close to the cops'. Clearly going straight to the getaway with every expectation of being sniped from the start would be frowned upon (as would a noob ignoring regular players calls not to do it).

However, the boss joining in the fight or risking a direct take of the getaway if all the snipers are believed dead, is not so obviously unfair.

Players as Boss should generally asks themselves "if all I cared about was escaping, would I do this?"

Blading the last cop with a helicopter might well be worth the risk to take it. Going straight to the getaway at the start with no knowledge of cop positions clearly is not. There are some elements which are not clear cut tactical suicide, but still are very dodgy. Would you risk taking the booth tunnel helicopter if possibly getting sniped would lose your team the game? Would you sit in the north helicopter if you could see a cop on the radar and being shot on takeoff would lose you the game? Would you hover stationary above the getaway or cops at low altitude if getting shot down would lose you the game?

Players as boss are encouraged to think about staying alive first and foremost, and not risk death because the score line favours them.

No "Hard" camping etiquette

It's generally considered bad form for the entire cop team to continue camping in round 2 when more than $1,000 in front as they will still win even if the boss escapes. It's normally expected that as the cop score grows, more people will be put after boss. If you reach the point where the crooks cannot escape anymore, most of the cops should be after the boss. 

In round 1 you also shouldn't try to rack up the score too much. Obviously the team that is cops in round 1 want to gain some score before killing the boss. The goal should be to get a score, which ensures that the boss can get a helicopter in the second round safely.

Team play etiquette

This mostly applies to new players. People should work together and help each other out. Shooting someone's car or running them over are examples of bad etiquette, as would going for a wander in parts of the map and giving the rest of the team bad re-spawns.

Checking score etiquette

Check the score before you kill the boss in round 2. It is generally expected cops won't do it if they are more than $1,000 behind. If the score line looks unrecoverable, however, the cop team might decide to cut their losses.

Settings etiquette

Mode = All for One, auto aim = off, friendly fire = off, weapons = powerful, pickups = many, traffic = low, pedestrians = off. We sometimes deviate from this for fun, but unless everyone is unanimous (e.g. "let's do shotguns only for shits and giggles") these should be the default settings.

Recent re-spawn etiquette

It's clearly a spawn kill if the crook just reappeared with a pistol. There are greyer areas, however, it's clearly not good form to wait around a corner and RPG them the second after they pick up a SMG, or show up in a glitched vehicle when they are nowhere near the getaway or the Boss. Show some class and save the cheap kills for when you are more than $1,000 behind in round 2!

Team etiquette

We have generally rotated teams. Whilst some players are good friends, share the same first language and like to talk, we have generally for the last 7+ years mixed this up and never had identical teams in consecutive matches. Our personal opinion is that this is more important than most people realize for the longevity of the club. Someone might be your worst enemy in one round, but your most valuable body guard in the next game. This helps to keep mutual respect - and also stops rivalries getting out of hand.

In addition teams, should have a balanced number of regulars on each side. If someone says they are unhappy with the balance, uncheck and don't start until it has been discussed.

Consequences for breaking etiquette

Breaking etiquette is generally less severe than breaking rules. Noobs however have been kicked on a first offence if they fail to listen, and fail to promise to correct the offending behavior. Regulars would only be kicked for repeated violation. I'm not aware of this ever happening. We rather keep discussing and keeping the communication about this on a high level so the repetition does not occur.